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Buzzin’ Meeples Supporters Subscription Scheme Terms & Conditions

(Version 1 : 1st August 2023)



  1. To be a Supporter under a Buzzin’ Meeples Supporters Subscription Scheme, a payment must have been made which will cover the calendar month from the date of payment (e.g. payment on 1st of May would cover up to midnight on the day prior to the 1st of the following month).

  2. Supporter Subscription ceases if payment has not been made on the same date (or within 3 days of the date) in the following month.

  3. Future changes to the Subscription Scheme, including costs, can be made with a minimum of 1 month notice of changes, which will be communicated to all current Supporters at the time.

  4. Supporter Subscription payments are not refundable.


Monthly Prize Draw


  1. Prize to be selected by the Buzzin’ Meeples owner, to a value in line with the Supporters Subscription level at the time of the draw - which will be based on number of Supporters in the previous month.

  2. Prize draws will be held on the first of each month using a random generating program/app with all Supporters allocated 1 x chance of winning in the draw.

  3. Winners will be notified on the day of the draw, details of prize winners will be on Social Media & in the next Newsletter.


Decks & Dice Discount 


  1. Places at the Decks & Dice evenings are limited - so this benefit is subject to availability of places. Supporters do not get priority for Decks & Dice booking as this evening has been scheduled to support the local Decks & Dice group.

  2. Dates of Decks & Dice events will vary and are subject to confirmation with the Decks & Dice group.


Monthly Newsletter

  1. Will be delivered as chosen by Supporters (email or WhatsApp) on the 1st of Each Month - commencing 1st September 2023.


Supporters Happy Hour


  1. Half Price Table Hire cost for Supporters during the first hour of opening - ie 5pm to 6pm Tuesday to Thursday, 1pm to 2pm Saturday and Sunday

  2. Only applies to first hour - standard cost applies after first hour

  3. Does not apply to Bank Holidays

Board game Arena Tournaments

  1. Invitation will be made on the WhatsApp group for Board Game Arena players (optional).

  2. Supporters will need to have a Board Game Arena sign on and Username to take part in events.

  3. The tournaments will be arranged weekly, the game played to be the choice of the Buzzin' Meeples owner.

  4. Invitation to tournaments to Buzzin' Meeples Members and Supporters only.


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