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  • Do you have games for sale in Buzzin' Meeples?
    Yes, I have a small for sale section near to the counter area. These games (marked with red £ stickers are for purchase only - not for play in store - please do not open games for sale. I am also happy to source games if you are looking for a specific game that I do not have in stock and I will try and find the best price I can from my sources available - you can then collect in store if you are happy with the price. I am not planning to offer any online for postal sales but I may list the games for sale online to reserve and collect in store.
  • Who is Buzzin' Meeples for?
    Anyone who enjoys a board game (even those who don't know it yet!). Our range of games provides very quick and simple games through to extremely long and complex games - spanning a wide range of themes. Buzzin' Meeples promotes full inclusivity and is a safe environment for everyone!
  • Is there any food or drink available to purchase at Buzzin' Meeples?
    Buzzin' Meeples does not have a Cafe - there are many great local places to eat and takeaway nearby in Prestwich - so you can spend your time in Buzzin' Meeples enjoying the games and not using up game time to stop to eat! Hot and cold drinks and snacks are available in store from 'The Tuck Shop'. PLEASE NOTE: Hot food is not allowed to be consumed in store (got to look after those games!) and alcohol can only be consumed on site (by over 18's) with a corkage fee (usually £3 per person) applied, and only after 6pm.
  • Does Buzzin' Meeples have a loyalty scheme?
    Yes! A loyalty system has been introduced to reward your loyalty to Buzzin' Meeples - this will be entered in the computerised system each visit, and when you have visited Buzzin' Meeples playing in store on 9 seperate occassions you will get a 10th session free (the free session will be for the average time from your previous 9 sessions rounded up - i.e if you pay for 9 x 3 hour sessions you will get a 3 hour session free!)
  • Can I bring a pushchair or pram in to Buzzin' Meeples?
    Possibly! If there are no other pushchairs or prams in the building we can fit 1 or 2 maximum on the ground floor (ideally book table 2 or 3 as there is more space next to those tables). Please let me know before your visit if you plan to bring a pushchair or pram to ensure I can accommodate your needs.
  • Can I watch live TV on my mobile in Buzzin' Meeples?
    No - sorry! Buzzin' Meeples does not have a TV licence which means that you are not allowed to download, watch or stream Live TV in store from ANY service.
  • Will any more details be added to the website?
    YES! I am in the process of developing it. Much more will be added later - and it will be much more visually appealing with a lot more content. It's developing daily!
  • Are children allowed in Buzzin' Meeples?
    With parents / a responsible adult over 18: Yes Without an adult: NO - due to recent incidents (12/11/2023 and around this date) I am sorry but children under 18 will only be admitted with an adult supervising their whole visit. Younger children (under 12) are asked to play age appropriate games only. I would kindly ask that games are not taken off shelves by children under 12 and parents take full responsibility for their children whilst in Buzzin' Meeples. Although some games may look child friendly they are not and in many cases would be very expensive or impossible to replace - some games containing highly detailed painted miniatures.
  • Is there a toilet available at Buzzin' Meeples?
    Yes - for customers only, but it is small and may be difficult to access for customers with a disability and unfortunately without baby change facilities. We do not have the space available to be able to improve the size or access to the toilet facilities unfortunately.
  • Does Buzzin' Meeples do D&D or RPG's?
    A very popular question! And the answer is: YES! We have just lauched "Tales From The Buzzin' Meeple" - D&D styled sessions that are run by Adam & Nathan - the Buzzin' Meeples Dungeon Masters! Further RPG's & Introductory sessions are planned for 2023.
  • How do I pay at Buzzin' Meeples?
    Payment is taken when you have finished your visit to Buzzin' Meeples - a tab will be created for tables or individuals when you start playing. Any type of Credit / Debit card is accepted (including through phone/watch apps) PLEASE NOTE: Buzzin' Meeples is aiming to go cashless from 2023 and I would ask customers to support this local independent business with card payments only. Thank you.
  • Where can I park my car?
    Good news - there is lots of free parking available close to Buzzin' Meeples! DO NOT use the Park & Ride Car Park directly opposite the store - this is for Metrolink customers only and you may get fined / clamped. Free Car parks: on: Upper Wilton Street (M25 1JE) - please do not double park on Upper Wilton Street - there are plans to put double yellow lines on this road soon Park Street (M25 1JF) Small car park on Infant Street (M25 1SS) - only a few spaces On road parking further down Whittaker Lane (M25 1HB), and around Newtown Street / Bailey Street (M25 1HU)
  • Are dogs allowed in Buzzin' Meeples?
    Possibly - It will depend on how busy Buzzin' Meeples is, and how big & calm the dog is. The premises are very small and I will have to make a judgement for the safety of all customers.
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