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The key feature of Buzzin' Meeples is in store play - you can play anything from our range of 600 games.

Games in the library include:

- Earth (Kickstarter Edition)

- Hegemony (Kickstarter Edition)

- Ark Nova (with deluxe pieces)

- Terraforming Mars (deluxe wooden player trays and storage for components)

- Brass Lancashire (deluxe)

- Brass Birmingham (deluxe)

- Planet Unknown (deluxe Kickstarter)

- Foundations of Rome (deluxe Kickstarter)

- First Rat

- Marvel Dice Throne (deluxe Kickstarter)

- Deckchairs on the Titanic

- Wingspan (lots of deluxe pieces)

- Scrabble

...... and MANY, many more!

Play as many games as you wish during your visit - paying for the table size you need.

Many of our games are deluxe with special components and storage solutions.

Some games are 'Table Hogs' and will need a larger table - but rather than squeezing you onto a table that is not suitable you can select a table with a higher player capacity for more space.

Tables are available in the main store area and also in the themed areas of our basement.

All tables have cup holders to avoid nasty game damaging accidents, and to free up more table space for you to play safely!

Booking for tables is recommended as we are a small venue and tables are limited. You will not pay in advance for booking a table.


What is Buzzin' Meeples?

Buzzin' Meeples is a Board Game Venue in Prestwich which is being created to offer a library of 600 Board Games for  in-store play, Rental to take home & a few Board Games for sale. 

Where is Buzzin' Meeples?

219 Bury Old Road, Prestwich M25 1JF - opposite entrance 13 to Heaton Park & very near Heaton Park Tram Station.

Why is it called Buzzin' Meeples?

We are aiming to create a Buzz - bringing something new to Prestwich where the community can get together and share fun times. Also the Bee has a big significance in this part of the world!


As for the meeples? A meeple is "a small figure used as a playing piece in certain board games" - said to be a combination of the words "my" and "people"

When will Buzzin' Meeples be open?

Buzzin' Meeples opened on Saturday 13th August 2022 

Who is behind Buzzin Meeples?

Buzzin' Meeples was conceived and registered as a Limited Company in September 2021 with the intention of finding a suitable location in Prestwich - which we now have!

Alan Lacey - a Prestwich resident - came up with the name and the concept, designed the logo and will be single-handedly running the store.

Please refer to the FAQ page for more detail of Buzzin' Meeples

The Buzzin' Meeples Tuck Shop!

Buzzin' Meeples does not have a Cafe - there are many great local places to eat and takeaway nearby in Prestwich - so you can spend your time in Buzzin' Meeples enjoying the games and not using up game time to stop to eat!


Hot drinks and a wide range of cold soft drinks are available at very good prices. We have a small selection of sealed biscuits and snacks such as a range of chocolate bars, nuts, Pringles & popcorn.

Food Hygiene rating: 5 Very Good (23/8/2022)


We've got to look after the games, so we don't allow hot food to be consumed in store at Buzzin' Meeples.

Over 18s can bring their own alcohol after 7pm, with a small corkage fee applied per person (Buzzin' Meeples does not sell alcohol).

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