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What is Buzzin' Meeples?

Buzzin' Meeples will be a Board Game Venue in Prestwich which is being created to offer a library of 500+ Board Games for  in-store play, Rental to take home & a few Board Games for sale. 

Where is Buzzin' Meeples?

219 Bury Old Road, Prestwich M25 1JF - opposite entrance 13 to Heaton Park & very near Heaton Park Tram Station.

Why is it called Buzzin' Meeples?


We are hoping to create a Buzz - bringing something new to Prestwich where the community can get together and share fun times. Also the Bee has a big significance in this part of the world!


As for the meeples? A meeple is "a small figure used as a playing piece in certain board games" - said to be a combination of the words "my" and "people"

When will Buzzin' Meeples be open?

Buzzin' Meeples opened on Saturday 13th August 2022 

Who is behind Buzzin Meeples?

Buzzin' Meeples was conceived and registered as a Limited Company in September 2021 with the intention of finding a suitable location in Prestwich - which we now have!

Alan Lacey - a Prestwich resident - came up with the name and the concept, designed the logo and will be single-handedly running the store.

Please refer to the FAQ page for more detail of Buzzin' Meeples

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